Buzz is a producer of high performance clothing designed by the athletes who know what active people want of their performance gear.

Originally intended to be worn as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rash guards and leggings (spats), BUZZ Gear has since expanded to other sports such as backcountry skiing, running, and Obstacle Course Racing.

Besties For Testes

Besties For Testes

Besties for Testes
One of my favorite parts about being a designer is that in just a few minutes of work I can make a huge difference to someone else. While I was studying abroad in Europe, Mike W asked me to create a design for a shirt that would commemorate his win against Testicular Cancer and be his race uniform while he participated in distance runs. Cooler still, he said any profits from the shirts would be donated to Testicular Cancer Research.

Mike has always had a great sense of humor and it shows in what he asked for in his design. "Ya, I would like a squirrel passing a nut to another squirrel, like a baton. Get it?" It only took about an hour to make the initial design, and only 1 round of revisions to get it right, completely unheard of in freelance work. 

What is funny is that a lot of the time in the world of Graphic Design I feel as though the politics of the ever evolving art world get in the way of real enjoyment of the process. Sometimes I am so stressed my peers will think my design work is basic because I choose to use Helvetica (For you non-art people, that is a typeface that is sort of like the swiss army knife of design and can be used for everything. Some argue that it is boring and lacks personality.) or that I use Live Paint (a technique that allows you to create flat graphics really easily but is technically simple to do) that I am paralyzed to make a decision. 

I think it is important to occasionally step outside of the competitive world and help with something that is bigger than just the designer to help put these decisions in perspective. Whether it is simply making a business card for a non-design friend, providing critique for a resume, or even bringing a goofy "nut" joke to life, it all helps. Because, after all, isn't that the point of good design? To help?

Above is Mike W and the rest of the Besties for Testes group after the Boilermaker 15k race. 

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BUZZ Heat and BUZZ Earth In Production!